The big game is next weekend who do you have the Patriots or the Rams? Either way, Superbowl is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I think I want to attend next years Superbowl. Attending Superbowl is an expensive trip because the prices of everything goes up that weekend. Here is a breakdown over at CNBC of how much is the cost to go to the Superbowl.

1. Getting into the game: $3,475 to $15,925. As of last night, tickets on the SECONDARY market were going for between $3,800 and $35,000.
2. Transportation to Atlanta: $64 to $220
3. Lodging: $300 to $1,422
4. Food: $70 to $125
5. Getting around town: $19 to $110
6. Entertainment: $0 to $285.

So according to those estimates, you're looking at a grand total between $3,928 and $18,087.

Let me start saving now....

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