As Mobb Deep get ready to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of their hip-hop legacy, Havoc gives details on the duo's new album.

During a sit-down with Power 105.1's 'The Breakfast Club' Wednesday (Jan. 15), he confirmed that the project is in the works despite the Prodigy trash-talk audio released in 2012.

According to Havoc, the Queensbridge duo has made their way back to studio, working with producers like OVO's Boi-1da. With new songs in play, the East Coast crew is looking to drop a double album, offering fans more than a handful of never-before-heard tracks. Rap heads will get to rock out to the "Mobb Deep lost tapes" as host Charlamagne Tha God put it.

Angela Yee wanted to know the obstacles that might stem from working with Prodigy after past drama occurred between the two. "When we in the studio, we don't never disagree on nothin," said Havoc. "We always on the same page."

Noting that Prodigy was one of the top MCs back in the day, Charlamagne had no problem speaking his mind and speaking the facts. "He fell off lyrically," said Charlamagne, referring to Prodigy.

Has Havoc noticed a lackadaisical rhyme pattern from him while in the lab? The 39-year-old rapper made it clear he'll have his brother's back til the end (no puns intended). "You know, Prodigy makes verses. Some of them is dope to me, some of them is aight, but I never really looked into that. People was sayin' that, but I didn't see it," Havoc shared.

He also let listeners know he and his partner would be hitting the road to perform in March.