The official cause of the late Prodigy's death has been revealed. Nearly two months after the rap legend's untimely passing at the age of 42, TMZ reports that P died choking on an egg while he was being treated at a Las Vegas hospital.

P had performed with Havoc for a Mobb Deep show in Vegas before enduring a sickle cell flare-up. For P, trips to the hospital were just a part of life as someone who'd dealt with sickle cell anemia for decades, so no one expected him to die once he checked into the Vegas hospital.

“We used to P going to the hospital, you know what I’m saying?” P's friend and fellow Mobb Deep member Havoc explained to TMZ a short time after Prodigy's death on June 20. “Not like every day, but we’ve been dealing with this for over 20 years. So, you know, P goes to the hospital, stays there for like three days, five tops, and he’d get back better than he out. So it wasn’t like no, nothing to be like, ‘Oh my god, he crazy sick.’ It’s just sometimes, he has sickle cell [crises].”

Hav wasn't too concerned about P's condition, but he did check in with him from time-to-time after departing Vegas. Unfortunately, things quickly took a turn for the worst.

“Yesterday, the day of my little son’s graduation, somebody called me saying that somebody told them they heard a weird rumor—and this is at 11’o’clock in the morning—they heard that P passed away in a Las Vegas hospital,” Hav recalled.

He continued, “Now, I know that he’s in the hospital, but come on, I know he’s not dead. I mean, he go to the hospital all the time. You know, rumors always like that, get around like, you know, some dumb shit. So, you know, whatever. I was really laughing, to be honest with you. Because I had not directly spoken to P, but I knew his status every day since I left. But then I was like, let me call our road manager, you know, see what’s up, just to ease my brain, even though I know it’s a lie. So, he called them, and I must have called them back or he called me back, I can’t even remember because everything’s just so crazy. And the road manager was just crying like I never heard before and I just had to hang up the phone.”

Since P's death, fans and rappers from all over have paid tribute to the Queensbridge legend. Nas honored Prodigy by performing his iconic verse from "Shook Ones, Pt. II" in the Netherlands. Kendrick Lamar and Eminem spit some P lyrics on Peter Rosenberg's Real Late broadcast.

P's death left a massive impact on the world of rap, and fans will be mourning his death for years to come.

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