The news: do you live in the inner city? Is your life defined by high stress, malnourishment and random acts of violence?

If you answered "yes," you may be suffering from a dangerous new affliction: "Hood Disease," or as it's known when applied to white people and war veterans, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

CBS San Francisco aired the above report last week. In the reporter's segment, correspondent Wendy Tokuda tries explaining how inner city children are subjected to "repeated trauma" from living in "virtual war zones."

I think it is wrong to label people according to their circumstances. These children didn't create or choose to live in the hood. The labeling of people is one the biggest problems we have in society. When this becomes the standard, it will be accepted in society that these people have a disease and we should be able to treat them any kind of way. This is toxic to society, and I'm glad people are as shocked as they should be by this news. I don't see how this is different than any other form of PTSD?