I have countless friends who share a birthday with me this month! Shoutout the Aquarians, a special sign in the zodiac, true humanitarians & unique trailblazers!

Ever notice how you are drawn to certain people who are the same sign as you. It's because of that intuition in knowing & sensing those around you with very similar characteristics.

Aquarius is a unique zodiac sign. Aquarians are humanitarians, want to make the world a better place, inventive & creative minds who have very strong energy that surrounds them.

This air sign is represented by the waterbearer who nourishes those around the. Aquarians are compassionate people who march to their own beat, are very independent individuals with a heart of gold & artistic qualities. The people under this sign can sometimes be misunderstood or thought of as aloof, it's because they have so much racing through their minds at all times & are very futuristic in their thought processes.

Read below to learn more about Aquarius:


Aquarians are special unique individuals. Happy Birthday to all those who share this zodiac sign with me! BTW My Bday is this Sunday February 16th. Don't even ask the year! A lady doesn't tell her age, how rude! We are forever 21!I will be accepting gifts, cards, Fb shoutouts & lots of LOVE!

P.S. Special thankx to Bergitte for throwing me an early bday party with a huge cake! thankx girl!