After a heated battle between gun advocates and anti-gun groups has come to an end with a new date being set for the City Center.

According to News 10

A battle in Saratoga over guns, safety and the Second Amendment is now over.
The Saratoga Gun Show is now officially slated to return to the City Center in May.
People on both sides of the gun issue have gone back and forth on the show’s future for years.
Anti-weapon protesters put pressure on the center and last year it decided to not offer the event any future dates.

The gun show was never cancelled they just didn't offer the gun show any future dates, More than 2,000 people signed a petition saying they wanted to gun show to stay right where it is and now their voices have been heard. The second amendment is one of the most contreversial part of the United States constituion. It seems like guns are always under attack because of people being irresponsible with firearms. Do you think that gun shows should be allowed ?

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