'Groundhog Day' is revered as one greatest films of '90s, and to celebrate its upcoming twenty-first anniversary it's the perfect time to own a piece of the film's legacy. But we're not talking about a prop or something small. Nah, we're talking about the house where many of the key scenes were shot. It can now be yours for the low price of $985,000

In the film, Bill Murray gets stuck in a time loop and ends up spending an estimated 33 years reliving the same day over and over again, perpetually waking up in the Cherry Wood Inn bed and breakfast to the sounds of "I've Got You, Babe." Eventually, he ends up becoming a better person and breaks the cycle, and if you want to see if spending every single night in the same room that he slept in will enlighten you, all you've got do do is plunk down the asking price and get ready to move to Woodstock, Illinois.

We learned about this via Gizmodo, and it's worth noting that the house is half a country away from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania (where the movie takes place), Woodstock has embraced the fact that 'Groundhog Day' was shot there, holding an annual "Groundhog Days" festival, where cast and crew are invited to talk about the film and people are given tours of the shooting locations. The Cherry Wood Inn house is currently a B&B (just like in the movie), so this is a golden opportunity to buy it, keep it operating and find your wallet flush with sweet, sweet 'Groundhog Day' tourism money.

For additional details and photos (including the very familiar view from the the front window), click on the link above. And if you decide to actually buy the house, let us know in the comments below so we can come visit and watch 'Groundhog Day' with you.

Groundhog Day Bed and Breakfast
Royal Victorian Manor

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