Willie the Kid is back to achieve absolute greatness with his latest single, 'Avalon.' The track features Long Island rhymer Roc Marciano and a familiar sample.

Produced by Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Bronze Nazareth, the song uses David McCallum’s 1967’s orchestral tune 'The Edge,' which Dr. Dre famously sampled on 'The Next Episode' from 'The Chronic 2001' album. The throwback sound provides enough soul and warmth for Willie the Kid and Marcberg to spit their cold-blooded rhymes.

"Lawfully wedded to this paper that I’m making / Banking / I’m brave enough to be creative / But I accumulate like a native / Trying to blend with the cadence / Abide by the rules, fuck the latest trend," raps Willie the Kid.

Then Marciano comes through and relays his bullet-riddled verse, spitting, "The watch is Swiss / These rhymes these are hieroglyphs / Glide from the cliff / It’s rare I fire and miss / I usually hit the bull’s eyeris."

Yes, there's lots of rappity rapping going on here but it's creative enough to hold your attention for three minutes.

Willie the Kid is set to release his new project 'The Living Daylights' on Feb. 11. The collection boasts guest features from Sean Price, Young Dirty Bastard, Sun God, Boldy James, Sha Stimuli and others. You can pre-order the album on iTunes.

The 'Living Daylights' Tracklist:

1. 'Overture'
2. 'Avalon' (Featuring Roc Marciano)
3. 'The Blitz' (Featuring S-Class Sonny)
4. 'Breakfast In France'
5. 'Sweet Sorrow'
6. 'The Guilt'
7. 'Fucking Blades' (Featuring L.A.D)
8. 'Wu Babies' (Featuring Young Dirty Bastard and Sun God)
9. 'Ain't Nothing' (Featuring Boldy James)
10. 'Coming From' (Featuring Bronze Nazareth)
11. 'Delirium' (Featuring Sha Stimuli and Sean Price)
12. 'Ice Cold Guinness (Featuring L.A.D)
13. 'Bless My Food' (Feauring Tekh Togo)

Listen to Willie the Kid's Song 'Avalon' (Featuring Roc Marciano)