Colonie police responded to the Central Avenue Goodwill Store Saturday afternoon after a pair of grenades were reportedly found in the store.

If you were around the area of Central Avenue and Fuller Road in Colonie on Saturday afternoon, at about 1:30 p.m., you may have seen some police cars and several other official vehicles in the parking lot of the Goodwill Store.

Bro.Lou Roberts Collection

They weren’t in the store making a donation or shopping. In a story from News 10 ABC it was reported that someone made a donation that included a couple grenades.

It was determined by the New York State Police Bomb Disposal Unit that the hand grenades were actually nothing to worry about. One grenade did not contain any explosive material. The other was a ‘training aid with a live detonator.’ The bomb unit took both grenades.

Colonie Police don’t believe that the grenades were maliciously donated, and are still investigating who may have dropped them off at the store