On August 20th, the gates at the New York State Fair will open to guests. Yes, you can get into the fair without a mask, but if you want to go inside any exhibits or buildings you'll need to have a mask on.

Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon put out an executive order this week that officially requires masks to be worn when inside buildings at the Great New York State Fair. "The return of the New York State Fair is a welcome sign of progress for our community, region, and state. After 18 months, we have learned successful mitigation measures that have proven to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. First among them is the vaccine and I will continue to encourage folks every day to sign up for the vaccine. Another important tool are masks.”

The Great New York Fair officials had already asked visitors to wear masks if they are not vaccinated, although they did say they wouldn't be asking for proof of vaccination at the gate or anywhere else. The new mask regulation is understandable when you consider the state fair brings over 1 million people together over 18 days and the Delta Variant of the coronavirus seems to be on the rise in New York.

In an article at Localsyr.com, New York State Fair Director Troy Waffner said that there will be signs up reminding people to wear masks inside and fair workers will ask people to put their masks on, but didn't mention who would be really enforcing the new mask requirement or if there were any penalties for not wearing a mask while indoors.

“Just come in, put your mask on, don’t be rude to people,” Troy Waffner New York State Fair Director

The Great New York State Fair runs from August 20th to September 6th.

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