Chrissy and I have had the pleasure of contacting our Hometown Hero each month for nearly three years. We have never had a phone call quite like this.  Frank Lockwood from Coxsackie is a man of true character and integrity.  He's a priest, addictions counselor, volunteer firefighter, and to top it off, the man rides a Harley.  When we called to tell him that his wife Joanne nominated him to be July's Hot 99.1's Hometown Hero, he was literally speechless. Frank is a man of few words, but we got plenty out of our discussion with him. In the phone call we made to him, it's clear that his emotions got the best of him, but in reality, they got the best of us.

All throughout 2019, we will be recognizing one “hero” per month based on their inspirational feats, work helping their neighbors, and everyday passion.

Click here to see how you can nominate a hero for the month of August, and stay tuned for our special way of saying thanks below.

County Waste has partnered with us to honor those in our communities who are truly making a difference.

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