Glasses Malone's "Thuggin'," featuring Kendrick Lamar adds a verse from Killer Mike in the official lyric video.

The song explores Tupac Shakur's definition of the word "thug" and even starts off with some words from the late rapper himself.

"The only way I've been practicing to live my life is to be responsible for what I do. I don't know how to be responsible for what every black male did. I don't know," states the "All Eyez On Me" rapper. "I guess I am gonna say that I'm thug. That's because I came from the gutta and I'm still here."

As the words are spoken, an American flag is shown falling over a skull while glass shatters beneath it. Later in a close up, we see that the skull has a set of gold grills.

"I hate paying taxes," raps Malone, as stacks of money fall over the skull, which is sitting on top of a few bricks of money itself.

Killer Mike proceeds to go in on his verse while describing the struggles of the poverty cycle. "The condition that we put kids in, often poverty stricken / And even they're education becomes a pipeline to prison / Simply a tool used for mass incarceration / Call it the new plantation, call it new era slavery / Call the court system racist, call it just what it is / A plot and plan for paper that punish the poorest kids," raps Killer Mike before calling out several Fox News anchors as "full of s---."

The video continues to use images of the skull, an American flag and money. At one point, the American flag covers the eyes of a statue of what seems like a soldier made of gold.

"How many n----s fall victim, looking at you trapped in the system / Mentally they kept you in prison, and you won't get out, no one visit / Open up your mouth, no one listen, you in denial, n---- / I'm in denial with you, I dial dead homies numbers off this liquor," raps K.Dot.

Check out the lyric video above.

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