50 Cent and Game have been involved in a well-documented feud since 2005. The older, wiser, rap veterans have shown their maturity when describing their beef in recent years. Game dusted off the old topic during an interview with Larry King, saying he hasn’t seen Fif in about eight years.

“There was a rift. We had a shootout in New York in front of a radio station. It was a little bit more than a rift. Egos, young, dumb, ignorant, who knows.”

50 is no stranger to gunfire. A big part of his road-to-success story when he first hit the scene highlighted the fact that he survived a nasty shootout where he was shot nine times, including once in the mouth. The altercation that Game spoke about happened outside of Hot 97’s studios in ’05.

Game has tried to let bygones be bygones in recent months. He even backed a petition to organize a G-Unit reunion. 50 showed no interest and dismissed the proposal. 50 hasn’t had a hit in years, Lloyd Banks has been quiet, Tony Yayo has been MIA and Young Buck was ousted from the group several years back when he famously went in on Fif before crying and pleading to be let back into the group to no avail.

A reunion is highly unlikely, but it would definitely be cool to see Fiddy and Game reconcile.