If there's nothing else that can be said about Future, he has a pretty impressive work ethic since he just dropped visuals for the song 'Radical,' after delivering the 'Mad Luv' video just last week. It's all a part of his Monster Monday music releases. He also enjoys taking in the sights of naked women dancing around for dollars.

In the 'Radical' clip, the Freebandz leader joins his crew for a fun evening out at Magic City, the popular Atlanta strip club that's almost as famous as the southern city itself.

The concept of the video is pretty simple. A bunch of dudes admiring the skillful work of some very curvaceous strippers while folks sip unknown beverages in plastic cups. You know, the typical good time one would have while visiting such establishments.

As far as his wardrobe, Future keeps things fairly casual in a letterman jacket, a Run DMC-like fedora and some schoolboy glasses.

Fellas, try not to get too swept up in the lovely ladies in the club -- although that's a task much easier said than done.

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