Boosie Badazz is a good dad and he wants his fans to realize that he wouldn't go to ridiculous lengths for social media just to prove he's in his children's life. Critics are accusing the rapper of photoshopping an image of himself and his son, so the rapper has decided to let a video do the talking for him.

The Louisiana rhymer got ripped on social media when it was thought that he had photoshopped an image of his son into a picture to look like they spent Christmas day together. The accusations may stem from the fact that the image, which Boosie posted on Instagram, does look as if the child was just copied and pasted into it.

"LMAO AE PHOTOSHOPPED HIS SON, IM DONE," one Instagram user wrote.

To kill all of the social media chatter that's been building, the Atlantic Records signee debuted a video of himself hanging out with his kids at the time the photo was taken.

In the short clip, you can clearly see the 32-year-old sitting with his son, as other children in the room try get to get Boosie's attention.

But will this video finally silence all of Mr. Badazz's critics? It's the perfect evidence to prove that there is a definite bond between him and his son, which really shouldn't be that surprising.

Did you think the image was photoshopped? Take a look below and judge for yourself.

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