The mother of Future's 1-year-old daughter is clapping back at the rapper in recent court filings.

According to court documents obtained by XXL, a Florida woman named Eliza Seraphin, who has DNA evidence that Future is the father of her daughter, filed a counter lawsuit against the High Off Life rapper on Wednesday (May 20) for injunctive relief and damages.

In the lawsuit, the woman indicates that Future has said on the internet, in his music and text messages that she "stole" his last name. The woman's attorney, Brandon Rotbart, also explains in the filing that the allegation that Seraphin stole Future's last name is a reference to his "misguided idea that Ms. Seraphin was somehow able to unilaterally impregnated herself with Mr. Wilburn’s DNA (rather than because of the 2 years of unprotected sex the parties had previously engaged in), and that by giving the child who was subsequently conceived as a result of these sexual relations Mr. Wilburn’s last name, that Ms. Seraphin thereby 'stole' Mr. Wilburn’s last name."

Eliza Seraphin's attorney told XXL that the unilateral impregnation claim against Seraphin was not a literal reference. "The reference to unilaterally impregnating was not a literal reference, obviously," Rotbart said. "But, it was in reference to a claim that Mr. Wilburn had made—something to the effect of—that she went off and had this child without his authorization. And again, I'm paraphrasing there, but basically he accused her of having the child and kind of tried to shirk any responsibility for being involved in that. In spite of the fact that they had a two-year sexual relationship."

Seraphin also included in her lawsuit that Hendrix has made numerous false allegations against her including engaging in sexual misconduct, suffering from a mental health disorder and stalking and harassing the rapper. She also claims he called her a "hoe" and said she had sexual relationships with numerous men, including himself. Seraphin added that Future alleges her main focus is the financial gain she could receive if she were to be impregnated by him.

The documents also contain alleged text messages that Seraphin claims Future sent to her.

"Let your lawyers speak for u at this point! U bogus,stole my last name now u want to b relevant jus fall back off the net trying to prove a point,” one of the alleged messages reads. The other allegedly reads, "TMZ this bitch stole my last name I think that’s what I heard ! I will never respect a clout chasing bitch NEVERRRRRR FOH."

The lawyer also details that on Future's song “Last Name”, he praises himself because he's album to “take care of families”, and allegedly raps these lyrics about Seraphin: “Fucked the bitch once, now she wanna cry … I don’t know her name, she wanna have my child, Laughing to the bank … Gotta keep it stashed up for the trial, Material intentions got her playing foul … All the opps getting gunned down … Ain’t no visitation waiting for the trial, Took my last name, this ain’t ‘bout the child, Real classy jazzy, but don’t do not trolling, Gotta treat you like dead when you playing bogus … I wish I wore a Trojan.”

On Thursday (May 21), Future filed court documents of his own in an effort to dismiss the counterclaims made against him. The rapper has denied claims of slander, libel, inflicting emotional distress and violating Seraphin's First Amendment rights, which is freedom of speech. The rapper's filing also cites the alleged text messages that Seraphin received, stating that she failed to provide proof of the exchange and that the messages were sent to her rather than a third party.

Earlier this month, Seraphin's attorney confirmed that DNA test results proved Future to be the father of Seraphin's daughter.

XXL has reached out to a rep for Future for comment.

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