B.o.B has a ton of new music coming soon and some hip-hop heavy hitters can be expected to make some contributions.

During a conversation on XXL's Hip-Hop Moments of Clarity podcast on May 15, B.o.B revealed his potential plans for an album with T.I. There, the Georgia rapper shared details regarding the LP, which doesn't have a release date yet.

"I’m making like three albums at the same time. I’m working on a project, me and Sonny Digital working on an album," he begins. "I just finished my album, Somnia. I just, there’s rumors me and T.I. might be working on a album. I don’t know, man."

As the conversation continues, B.o.B dives into the forthcoming projects and LPs he has on the way.

"Yeah, music is on the way, Somina is on the way, B.o.B, Sonny Digital is on the way," he says. "Bobby Digital is on the way and I got a couple more shits up my sleeve. But I got a lot of music though. A lot of music coming."

Although news of Bobby Ray's forthcoming albums don't come with an extensive amount of details, fans can expect B.o.B to drop some consistent hits. His album with Tip would be the first joint effort between the two rappers, but they have collaborated on tracks in the past. Over the years, Bobby Ray and T.I. have joined forces to give fans "Chosen," "We Still in This Bitch," "Problems" and more.

B.o.B is clearly hard at work as the rapper has three other projects in the pipeline. Nonetheless, his fans are in for a treat with a follow ups to the rapper's record "Chattering," which dropped earlier this year, expected to be available soon.

The rapper's conversation on XXL's Hip-Hop Moments of Clarity podcast is one of many B.o.B has had since the nationwide quarantine was put in place. Last month, he revisited his sentiments on the Earth being flat.

B.o.B's statements about his new music are at the two-minute and 1:04:00-minute marks. Watch the full video below.

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