UPDATE (May 26):

Doja Cat has addressed allegations made against her claiming that she is racist. Following the social media explosion in the form of a cancel Doja party over the weekend, the rapper said in a statement via Instagram on Monday (May 25) that she hasn't been involved in any racist conversations.

"I want to address what's been happening on Twitter," she wrote. "I've used public chat rooms to socialize since I was a child. I shouldn't have been on some of those chat room sites, but I personally have never been involved in any racist conversations. I'm sorry to anyone I offended."

Doja Cat, who is of South African and Jewish descent, also spoke on her nationality. "I'm a Black woman," she continued. "Half of my family is Black from South Africa and I'm very proud of where I come from."

Doja later issued an another apology on IG live. There, she explained that she made 98 different versions of an apology before deciding to address the controversy on the livestream.


Doja Cat is catching major heat.

On Friday night (May 22), the "Say So" rapper was the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter after a video started circulating of her in a chat with purported racists. Adding insult to injury, a song surfaced where she is said to be using racist remarks and making fun of Sandra Bland's death.

In the Tiny Chat in question, Doja, who is of South African and Jewish descent, is seen in a video chopping it up with several White men. The chat is reportedly for members of the alt-right/incel community, an online subculture of men White supremacists who are "involuntarily celibate." After the video surfaced, some people started doing some digging and rediscovered a song from Doja called "Dindu Nuffin," and found that the title is actually a racial slur used by alt-right members against Blacks who claim to be innocent after being victims of police brutality.

"How much nothing can a dindu do/If a dindu, dindu nothin'/How much money could a dindu make/If a dindu did all the things that you wish to," she rhymes on the track, which is believed to be from 2015.

Some are also accusing her of making light of the murder of Sandra Bland, a Black woman who died in police custody under suspicious circumstances in Texas in 2015, on the song. However, Bland's name nor the incident surrounding her death are directly mentioned on the track.

The internet sounded off on Doja via social media.

"Yeah Doja’s behavior is not no 'I’m biracial & don’t fit in on either side,' Seeking out yt supremacists, video chatting, lettin them call you [expletive]? laughing at their racism," one person tweeted. "A song to make fun of Sandra Bland’s death? & still being in those chats in May 2020. Sick s**t."

"Doja Cat made a song mocking sandra bland who was a black woman murdered by police...somebody better come get this b***h before i do," another person posted.

This comes at bad timing for Doja who recently scored her first No. 1 record with the Nicki Minaj-assisted "Say So (Remix)."

See more people talk about canceling Doja Cat below.

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