Teddy Riley was doing the most last night. The internet had the biggest roast I have seen in a long time for a celebrity, playing themselves. Okay if you missed legendary music producer and artist Teddy Riley participated in a beat battle with legendary music producer and artist Babyface.

The premise of the beat battle is to play songs back and forth just to reminisce and showcase, various songs the producers have produced throughout the years. There have been several of these beat battles over the last couple of weeks and 100’s of thousands of people view the live stream and generally every involved has a good time.

Teddy Riley took this as an opportunity to put on a live concert from his home. No really…. a live show through an iPhone, with a band, microphone, back up singer, and a hype man that looked like he was front row at a Teddy Riley concert in 1988. He actually wanted to charge people to come on the live stream.

The look of excitement from the hype man is what we all should have felt but the overproduction had one big problem no one could hear the audio. Of course, the internet took no mercy with memes, skits, roasting Teddy Riley’s overproduction which could have been put together with a simple laptop and cell phone to sound better than the overproduction efforts of Teddy Riley.

Check out the hilarious memes below.

They have rescheduled the beat battle for tomorrow night so hopefully Teddy can get his sound together, it happens to the best of us.

Who do you think will win the beat battle Teddy Riley Or Babyface?

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