Those damn Kardashian girls love their rappers! With the exception of Kourtney, the Kardashian sisters stay on the hip hop scene! This love triangle involves Khloe Kardashian, rapper French Montana & rapper Trina!

French Montana & Khloe Kardashian are NOT a couple! And so they say, blah blah blah! But they sure are joined at the hip these days spotted on dinner dates & hangin out at the hottests clubs! Sounds like a couple to me...a couple of sneaky down low hoes!

So move over Trina, Khloe is the new chick by Montana's side! At least she is the flava of the month for this month, as it is rumored that French Montana is still a married man to his estranged wife Deen Kharbouch, whom he has a 4 year old son with.  Well they obviously "ain't worried bout nothin" because Khloe is still legally married to her soon to be ex-hubby Lamar Odom as well.

The duo was spotted shacking up at Trump Soho over the weekend after clubbin in NYC. On Saturday they were again spotted in the seafood lover's heaven of City Island chowin down on some lobster then hit the club in Elizabeth, NJ at the Allstar Night Club where Montana had a gig. Rumor has it, Montana took Khloe back to his NJ crib, the same house he shared with recent ex-girlfriend rapper Trina.

Here's where the love triangle comes into play.....Trina & Montana just recently broke up amidst this hole Kardashian scandal. Trina is friends with Kim Kardashian & used to be buddies with Khloe as well! Can you say messy?! Apparently Kimmy is trying to play the peace maker in this messy love triangle!

Somehow, I don't see this as a lasting relationship. As they say, springtime is flingtime! Good luck people!

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