Meek Mill was denied bail from jail and bias Judge wont step down.

Meek Mill has been incarcerated since November if 2017, and is sentenced to serve two to four years in prison for a probation violation. Meek has been trying his best to be released from prison on bail but has been denied again by Judge Brinkley, who is on record for being bias again him for not mentioning her in a song. She has stated that those allegations have no connection and no evidence that supports his statement.


Meek’s lawyers has filed a petition that Judge Brinkley step down for having it out against meek but she refuses to be removed. Not only has the judge been on record for bias, but Meeks arresting officers are on a list of alleged corrupt cops. There seems to be something deeper happening with this case and I hope Meek comes out on top. Read full article here.


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