Almost everything I've written has had something to do with sports. This story does not, yet it was too important not to share. Allow me to introduce you to the "Free Food Fridge Albany."

This group gained attention through a story done by the Associated Press, in which it highlighted the solution being provided to a major problem in Albany's South End. For those living in that area, it's very difficult to find healthy, fresh food anywhere close. As the article explains, most local convenience stores only sell packaged food. Most residents are therefore forced to travel by bus, or walk, in order to get to the nearest grocery store, which is miles away.

Jammella Anderson and company are attempting to change that, even if it's just temporary.

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Here's what Anderson told the Associated Press about the initiative:

“Food insecurity is so bad in some of the more marginalized communities that we have to literally put a refrigerator outside on the street." - Jammella Anderson

The Free Food Fridge is one of a few initiatives that are currently servicing the South End. The "Veggie Mobile" drives around the area as well, offering low-cost produce, dairy and egg products to those who happen to see it drive by.

Their mission statement on their official website sums it up pretty well:

"We want to make fresh food and produce accessible to all, especially marginalized neighborhoods and communities. Access to fresh food and produce has been a continuous issue in Albany, and has heighten due to the pandemic." - Free Food Fridge Albany

Though there are plans in place to build a more permanent source of fresh food to the South End, completion of that project still isn't very close. Until that time, residents of the area are still in need, and the Free Food Fridge and Veggie Mobile are serving that need, one grocery at a time.

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