The last time we’ve seen Fredo Santana, he stole Drake’s girlfriend in the 'Hold On, We’re Going Home' video. But now he’s back with a new song from his latest release, 'Trappin' Ain’t Dead.' The single, 'Clockwork,' is about the 24-hour grind of street hustlin.'

Over an eerie trap beat, the Chief Keef-affiliated rapper reflects on his days selling powder on the block.

"Go all the way back when I was a young n---- / Got my first pack, fell in love with drug dealin’ / I was hungry and thirsty, and I'm still is / That's why I grind hard like I got six kids," he raps. "New car, new house, that's what them bricks did / New jewelry, new kicks, what them licks did / I was born f---ed up, wasn't a rich kid / Just a young hustler, didn't know how to flip s---."

Santana’s partner-in-rhyme Lil Herb follows suit and explains why he was working overtime on the block.

"In the trap, f--- a job, that's where I work / On that eight, pushin' weight til' my arms hurt / And this bezel on my wrist, it makes my arms hurt / No conversation, I got this 30 I'mma spark first," he spits.

'Clockwork' is your basic trap song with producer Lex Luger providing the sonics that will make your head nod.

You can cop Fedro Santana’s album, 'Trappin' Ain’t Dead' on iTunes.

Listen to Fredo Santana's 'Clockwork' Feat. Lil Herb