Guess who’s back? After being acquitted of sexual assault charges in Austria in 2016 and taking a hiatus from social media, Freddie Gibbs marks his return with two videos, a promo clip called “The Return” and a fully-realized visual for his new single, “Crushed Glass.”

The Teddy Walton and Aaron Bow-produced track is from Gibb’s upcoming project titled You Only Live 2wice, which is the follow-up to his 2015 effort, Shadow of a Doubt.

In the “Crushed Glass” video, Gibbs is wandering through a desert reflecting on his life and detailing his rape case and time spent in an Austrian prison. He also addresses Donald Trump and contemplates on what his daughter’s life is going to be like years from now.

"The future started yesterday, n---- / Every minute feeling different now I'm not the same, n---- / Donald Trump is going to chain us up and turn us back to slave, n---- / I got the recipe for dope, my reparations are paid, n----," he raps.

Gibbs's You Only Live 2wice album will arrive in stores on March 31. You can pre-order the project here and watch his artful “The Return” clip below.

You Only Live 2wice Track List

1. "20 Karat Jesus"
2. "Alexys"
3. "Crushed Glass"
4. "Dear Maria"
5. "Amnesia"
6. "Andrea"
7. "Phone Lit"
8. "Homesick"

Watch Freddie Gibbs' "The Return" Promo Clip

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