For the last few months, Danielle Bregoli, aka the "Cash Me Ousside” Girl, has been everywhere, and for the most part, she seems to be really cool with it. One place she apparently wasn't so cool being was at Stitches' house for a video shoot.

According to TMZ, the Miami rapper tricked the 13-year-old into appearing in his music video after her handlers shot down his request to collaborate with her last week. Apparently undeterred, Stitches simply reached out to one of Bregoli's friends on social media, offering the friend cash if she managed to get the latest Internet sensation to his crib.

The plan worked. TMZ reports that Bregoli and her friend went over to Stitches' house and recorded a song and shot a video with the Miami MC. Bregoli's reps say she was uncomfortable with the whole ordeal and described Stitches as a "scumbag" who "tricked a child into his van by offering her candy." Ouch.

For his part, Stitches denies these claims. According to his rep, he only wants what's best for the overnight sensation and had hoped to act as a mentor. This is the second time Bregoli's been linked to a rapper. She appeared in an unofficial video for Kodak Black's "Everything 1K" just a few weeks ago.

Bregoli doesn't appear to be having too bad of a time in the video, but this is exactly the sort of thing TDE's ScHoolboy Q thinks Bregoli should stay away from. In a recent interview, the Blank Face LP rapper tried to give the suddenly famous teen some advice.

“Check this out Cash Me Ousside,” Q said. “I would tell you congratulations on everything you got going, but you ain’t got nothing going. You got a little six minutes time. I don’t care if you 15, 14, 16, it’s over for you. This is going to get old real soon. So guess what? When it all comes down nigga gonna be like, you are not in the right mind you need to be in. So Ima let you know right now. Remember this. It’s not gonna always be there for you like you think it is. It’s gonna come to a stale moment. So, what I need you to do is get your life together.”

You can see footage from Bregoli's alleged video shoot with Stitches below.

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