Foxy Brown's struggle has been well-documented through the years, and this alleged incident doesn't make her look good at all.

According to Bossip, a stylist by the name of GStar claims that Brown skipped out on a $900 hair weave bill last month.

The details are kind of fuzzy, but we'll try to piece this together.

Apparently, Ms. Brown had her weave done by GStar at her salon in June, before her supposed appearance at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert. According to the stylist, the 'Big Bad Mama' rapper was thrilled with the job. But when it came time to pay, Brown told GStar to contact her management.

A month later, GStar has yet to see a payment for her services and is constantly getting the runaround by Brown and her managers. So last Thursday (July 25), GStar spotted Brown at the corner store near her salon and confronted the Brooklyn emcee.

In the video above, you hear the stylist yelling, "Gimme my money," and "You owe me $900, Foxy Brown."

After the brief confrontation, GStar reportedly went to the police precinct and filed a report for theft of services.

Foxy Brown nor her reps had any comment on the matter.

We don't know what to make of this except that $900 is a lot of money for some yak hair, but we digress. Foxy Brown, pay your bills so you won't get embarrassed like this.

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