Even though a supervisor with the FBI was accused of sexually harassing several of his subordinates, somehow he was still permitted to retire with full benefits.

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James Hendricks retired last year as the Director of the Albany Field Office of the FBI with full benefits, even after his colleagues labeled him as a “skilled predator”.

According to CBS News 19, The 50-year old man was accused by eight female subordinates of outrageous sexual misconduct. Six of the women worked out of the Albany office and two women worked in Washington, DC.

Hendricks had a very impressive career with the FBI. When he worked in Washington DC he served as a Section Chief of the Department of Weapons of Mass Destruction. He was promoted to lead the field office in Albany in 2018 where he supervised more than 200 employees including FBI agents.

It has been reported that one of his subordinates allegedly carried a ruler to smack his hands if he reached for her breasts or legs. During the investigation, his coworkers accused him of surrounding himself with beautiful women. His alleged misbehavior was common knowledge throughout the department and he was accused of frequently making inappropriate gestures and comments.

We may wonder how a man gets away with this for so long without being reported. One of the alleged victims says that she did not report Hendricks because she just wanted to be successful at work.

Working in a male-dominated industry has to be very intimidating and frustrating to some women. Men may think that this type of behavior is funny until the victim becomes someone you love. It’s not very funny if someone is sexually harassing your daughter, your sister, your wife or your mom.

I actually met Hendricks in 2019 nothing really seemed off about him, but this report shows that you never know what people are doing behind closed doors. Having this type of power and being a predator there is no telling how far he took his exploits, it's also troubling that he was allowed to retire with full benefits.

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