Hello Hello Hellooooo! It's Fridayyyy, holllerrrrr! And you know how I like to do, every day all day! I like to flash it back and take you down memory lane!! Let's take it back to 1991!

MY GOD! How I miss the days of Yo Mtv Raps!! I remember racing home from school to get home and watch it and record any episode I could on my VCR. Oh 1991....... I was a nerdy chic who loved every genre of music especially HIP HOP and RnB! I was a freshman at the now non-existent Mont Pleasant High School singing in choir & and taking German  at day and going to Bellevue bridge parties by night! (yuck, kegs of Budweiser, then moved on to 40's) And yes, mama Wonder found out this was going on - another story, when I came home to Brower Street ( where many of you took your road tests!)  half drunk and she was waiting for me on the porch....yikes, that was not a good ending.

ANYHOW!! Hip hop was on the verge of blowing up! And at it's finest if you ask me, and there was this dynamic duo called "Nice n Smooth..." Remember those fellas? Maybe you don't , maybe I am speaking a foreign language to you because this is all brand new which is even better!

Either way.....allow me to introduce to you , "Hip Hop Junkies" my friends! I could not find the original video on Youtube BUT I found something even better! Their live performance on Yo Mtv Raps! Yeah, how ya like those dam apples!?!?!? Turn it on and turn it up, cuz you will want to bump this!!