Just in time for the Holiday Season rappers are done with making it rain (throwing money) in your local strip clubs they have taken it to a new level making it rain suburban malls.  The first rapper to make it rain on soccer moms was Fetty Wap

As holiday shoppers scurried about Garden State Plaza on Saturday (Nov. 21), the New Jersey MC tossed a reported $2,000 in singles and $700 in 20-dollar bills for an impromptu cash grab, according to Instagram.

We need to make a petition to bring a rapper to Crossgates Mall so we can all come up. But really is this just wasteful or a great way to show the holiday spirit ?

There are other causes that Fetty could've donated to other than people buying more things they don't need in the mall. The mall is about to get everyone's money in the next month, looks like a waste to me.