Fat Joe On The Streets Changing, Breaking Through Depression, Dropping New Music and more.

Fat Joe dropped by The Breakfast Club studio to catch up and drop his new single 'Attention'.

- Do you still like being called Joey crack

- Attention song PSA to younger generation

- Dealing with depression

- Having OGs help the young guys

- Yee and Fat Joe in Bahamas

- Getting casted for Will Packer's movie

- Taking acting seriously

- Having a formula for hot records

- Getting better with age, most underrated

- Joe relationship with his wife

- Are the streets done

- Speaking on Tekashi and XXXtentacion

- Counting your blessings

- Changing his attitude

- Hypothetical terror squad kidnapping

- Joe once slammed a program director

- NORE's new album

- #Justice4Junior

- Clout chasing

- New album

Check out the full video below :

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