Who is that man taking a photo at the SUNY Plaza?  Why is that dog slobbering all over that guy's face on Pearl Street?  Who is painting the side of a building at this hour in front of the Albany Coliseum?  Nearly everyone who walks by the 10 amazingly lifelike sculptures scattered throughout parts of Albany does a double-take.  Have you seen them yet?

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Their textures are so rich, colors are so vibrant, and the poses are so lifelike and real, it plays tricks with your mind.  Once your brain figures out that these are not real, it's too late - you're already emotionally invested.  That's exactly what world-renowned artist Seward Johnson wants to happen.  His art is so incredible, that people who see and are perhaps fooled by them, want to take the tour through Albany to see all ten.  And you have some time, according to the City of Albany they'll be around through November.

Thanks to Michael Durington, an amateur photographer from Albany who graciously allowed me to use his photos for the gallery.  Michael was happy to share them as a way of promoting the cool and unique finds on the historic streets of Albany.

For a downloadable walking tour and map of these ten, truly amazing pieces of art, click here. 

Take a Tour Through Albany and See all 10 Amazing Sculptures

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