According to Albany News 10 the sale of flavored tobacco will be illegal in the state of New York. This law only applies to retail stores and pharmacies that sell tobacco products.

There are a couple of exemptions, flavored pipe tobacco, used in hookah lounges, and only flavored cigars that cost more than $10 each. That means most of the flavored cigars that you find at the local corner store will be no more. Flavored hookahs that are served in lounges will still be available.

This law was passed to cut down on young people being attracted to tobacco products. Lawmakers argued for months, that the flavored tobacco products influence youth to try them. Others argue that lawmakers were imposing on an individual's right to enjoy tobacco products in variety.

While both sides have valid points, the law has been passed and the only people that will feel the effect are retailers. If a store is caught selling flavored tobacco products they will be fined up to $100.

Manufacturers have also changed the names of products to change the marketing of flavored tobacco products. Vape users are able to order the ingredients to make Vape juice online as an alternative which may turn out to be more convenient than going to a pharmacy or store to buy vape juice.

Will the Tobacco ban change how you use tobacco products? The new upcoming ban just seems like a gateway for manufacturers and retailers to find a loophole in order to satisfy consumer demand. Let's see how this all plays out.

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