Earlier this week, a judge ruled in favor of Eminem and Eight Mile Style after  a lawsuit was filed against the National Party of New Zealand for breaching copyright of his "Lose Yourself" record. Reports say that the country's party must fork over $500,000, plus interest, and the Detroit rapper wants to donate the proceeds to hurricane relief.

According to Variety, a rep claims that although Eminem never filed the lawsuit, as it was originally filed by the publishers of the song. Whatever proceeds the entertainer receives from the outcome of the suit will be given to the charity that has been helping residents of Puerto Rico, Houston, Texas, and other areas that were devastated by the effects of Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

The rep for the Marshall Mathers LP 2 entertainer confirmed the news to the outlet this week.

“Eminem was not a party to this lawsuit nor was he consulted regarding the case,” the rep explained.. “Any monetary settlement he receives from it will be donated to hurricane relief.  He encourages the plaintiffs, 8 Mile Style, to do the same."

If you recall, a judge ruled that the conservative National Party of New Zealand breached the copyright of "Lose Yourself" after it was used in a 2014 compaign ad.

Soon after it aired on television over 100 times, publishers of the track filed the lawsuit.

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