Nicki Minaj might have some pop leanings, but make no mistake, she's a rapper's rapper who can spit with the best of them. But seven years into her mainstream career, Nicki doesn't believe she's gotten the recognition she deserves, and she says sexism is the reason.

"In any field, women must work TWICE as hard to even get HALF the respect her male counterparts get. When does this stop?" Nicki wrote on Twitter yesterday (Oct. 25), highlighting the way sexism plays a role in the discrediting of women in any profession. "The greats collaborated w/Drake, Kendrick & Jcole b/c they’re dope MC’s," she wrote. "They collab’d w/nicki cuz someone pulled a gun to their heads... "

Nicki touched on this topic—sans the sexism part of it—on 2 Chainz's Pretty Girls Like Trap Music cut "Realize." On the track, she highlights her commercial success, namely surpassing Aretha Franklin as the woman with the most Billboard Hot 100 singles.

Nicki resents that other women with careers half as long as her's have been compared to her so frequently, implying that people wouldn't make those comparisons with her male counterparts. Again, she says sexism plays a large role in that, and she wonders when it will stop.

See what else Nicki's got to say in our gallery below.

See Nicki Minaj Talk Sexism in Hip-Hop

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