Last Saturday I witnessed a terrible hit and run accident. In downtown Troy NY, an elderly man was struck by a car as he was crossing the street.

On Saturdays the streets of Troy are usually busy due to many people out visiting attractions, shopping and going to the Farmers Market. At approximately 11 a.m. I was sitting in my car on the corner of 4th and Fulton Streets. This is a pretty busy intersection. Theres a major Cdta bus stop there as well as the historic Uncle Sam's parking garage. A car came speeding thru the light and struck a pedestrian while he was crossing the street. The car sat for about about 20 seconds, backed up and went around the man leaving him laying in the middle of the street. I noticed it was a small black Nissan. There were at least three occupants in the car. The car sped off. Many others including myself rushed over to see if the man was ok. It was a scary situation because he wasn't moving at 1st. After a few minutes he began to move a little but you could tell he was in agonizing pain. The EMS and police were on the scene in minutes to take the man to the hospital.

Whoever was driving the car had to be an idiot. There were so many witnesses who got the description and license plate of the car. Not to mention there were 2 Cdta buses at the bus stop. Those buses are equipped with cameras. Chances are the perpetrator driving the car will be found. I begin to wonder why would they leave the scene. They may have been driving illegal. The car could have been stolen..Suspended license maybe....Drugs or guns in the car. I guess we'll never know the answer. Either way it was wrong to flee the scene and possibly leaving someone to die.


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