Can you imagine how many drugs may possibly STOP being sold if these dealers will now catch a manslaughter charge in addition to the distribution of a controlled substance charge? Some people may think that it won’t stop drug dealers at all, but doing 3+ years in prison for it may change the heart of some of these dealers.

According to the Troy Record, a Troy man pleaded guilty this week to criminally negligent homicide after an investigation determined he sold fentanyl-laced drugs to someone who overdosed and died, police said. Now I know some people will say, that’s not his fault that they overdosed, people need to be responsible for their own actions and addictions. But drug addiction is a serious illness and if you are knowingly selling to an addict, not everyone can control their high and stop so they overdose.

This is the second time that a person has been convicted in Albany County for supplying fentanyl-laced drugs to someone who later died, police said. I can imagine how hard it is for the police to find the actual drug dealers out here selling these drugs to people that OD. We would have a lot of drug dealers in jail, and I’m all for it.

Do you agree with charging drug dealers with overdose deaths?

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