Drake appears to be a huge Rosie O'Donnell fan, but the feeling isn't exactly mutual!

When the talk show host and "Queen of Nice" tweeted about her love for Drake, the Canadian rapper was beyond stoked about it and returned the favor, tweeting about her acknowledgement and essentially labeling it a bucket list item for him.

Turns out she was talking about the Nickelodeon and Disney pop singer Drake Bell, not Drizzy. Ouch! What a digital slap in the face. But relax. There was no tweet heat or beefing as a result. Just a case of mistaken identities.

Here's the timeline of the tweet love fest that Drake was stoked about, which quickly turned into a red-faced moment.

Rosie espoused her admiration of Drake's muscles. Her fault for not being clear, right?

So Drizzy, clearly flattered, retweeted the sentiment. Then he celebrated it.

Then he pretty much screamed his joy from the Twitterverse rooftops and pulled 2 Chainz into the mix! It's obvious that Drake digs Rosie.

Unfortunately, as the Twitter pleasantries took off in a torrent of RTs, Rosie burst Drake's bubble when she clarified which Drake she actually meant.

At the end of this miscommunication, she still complimented the rapper. So all was not for naught! Perhaps this exchange will make it into one of Drizzy's upcoming tracks? How can it not?

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