Late last week, reports of a Chris Brown-Rihanna split emerged after a radio station tweeted that Brown said they weren't together.

Turns out that tweet was really, really old -- and they're still very much in love with one another (and with making the rest of us queasy).

"Chris Brown's comment of that he's not with Rihanna was from when Chris was here last, which Big Boy used to set up the question he asked Chris this morning," a station rep explained.

As in, the station was teasing an update to their previous interview with the temperamental singer -- not reporting on the one they'd just conducted with him.

Brown stonewalled when asked if he'd lied about his relationship with Ri on his last visit to the show, in which he'd replied, "Uh, no" when asked if they were dating, but was more forthcoming this time around. He revealed that they're together, just not literally and physically, because she's on tour.

"Man, it's been a minute though, 'cause I haven't had a chance to go out there on the tour yet, 'cause I've been working, but I seen her right before she went out," Brown said.

When DJ Big Boy asked, "Are you in love, Chris?" Brown was uncharacteristically endearing: "I'm a lover, man," he said. "Definitely in love."