Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell, recently in the news for taking shot after shot at Justin Bieber on Twitter, sparking the ire of Beliebers, clearly has bigger worries than Biebs' shenanigans. The actor, formerly the star of 'Drake & Josh,' has filed for bankruptcy.

TMZ reports that the actor, 26, says he has debts of $581,000. He also says his home is valued at $1.575 million, but that he owes $1.597 million, which is more than it's worth, making for a real financial headache for him.

In his filing, Bell says he makes around $2,820 per month, despite expenses totalling $18,771. So he is not even close to fulfilling his financial obligations.

Just two years ago in 2012, Bell reportedly made $408,000. His income dropped dramatically to $14,099 in 2013. He also owes back taxes.

Maybe he can hit up Bieber for a loan. He's doing well financially. We won't be surprised if Beliebers to have a field day with this in the social media sphere, since Bell was so vocal about his Bieber hate. OK, hate is a strong word. We'll call it his Bieber "dislike." Beliebers did not take kindly to his criticisms. They even met him at an airport once!

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