I'm about to take a trip to Spain later on this year and this shocked me and really has me reconsidering the trip.  It appears that there are some incredible cheap alcoholics in Spain that will go through anything to get drunk. According to a Metro UK this trend is very popular.

Apparently, there's a growing trend of people drinking the little bottles of liquor in their hotel mini-fridge then re-filling them with PEE, so they don't get charged.

A bunch of hotels in Spain recently removed ALL the mini-bars from their rooms after a study found it's surprisingly common.  A spokesman said they DO see it happen.  But he claimed that so far, employees have always caught it before anyone tried to drink the bottles.
This is soooooo disgusting, how desperate for a drink do you have to be to do something like this?  I’m pretty sure those drinks in the mini bar cost about $10 why swap that with urine to literally leave a bad taste in someone else’s mouth.

I never drink from the mini bar anyway it's too expensive but one time I did refill a vodka bottle with wage, it was absolutely not pee, im all for being cheap but that is going way too far.

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