Legendary Hip Hop radio station Hot 97 received Donkey Of The Day for not knowing their Hip Hop Culture. New York City's heritage hip-hop station Hot 97 recently hosted their annual summer jam concert. The concert draws thousand and is the biggest hip-hop concert of the summer in New York City. The concert took place on June 10th and had acts like Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar and Meek Mill to name a few. During the live stream someone tweeted:

Problem is Pimp C died in 2007. This left viewers of the live stream very confused and Hot 97 was clowned immediately. This is the problem when people don't know their Hip Hop history. There is no way anyone that is working or interning at Hot 97, a legendary hip-hop radio station and not know Pimp C has been deceased for over a decade. Bun B, on his part, seemed to take the mistake in stride. He grabbed a screenshot of the tweet and posted it on his Instagram, writing "Close @hot97 but no cigar...," before thanking everyone who helped make the event possible.

Listen as Charlamagne breaks down today's Donkey. RIP PIMP C