Chicks are trying to get crispy for prom but doctors are asking teens to resist the urge to tan indoors. Professional opinions seem to be consistent. The smartest way to tan is by not burning yourself.

A general manager of a tanning salon encourages tanners to go slow and not overexpose yourself. She encourages youngsters to avoid burning. “Oh no that’s ok, I burn first”. **HINT** If you look like a rotisserie chicken after you tan, it’s very bad and very dangerous.

You would think taking the risk of melanoma would be enough to deter teens but they don’t seem to care. I know you want to look good, but I assume your date would rather go to prom with a pasty chick than one who looks like a lobster.

Most professionals suggest spray tans for the big day. There’s always a chance you’ll end up looking like a cross between Snooki and an oompa loompa but it’s better than cancer, right?

Enjoy prom, kids!

By the way, there’s a prom for ADULTS happening this upcoming Friday at the Hilton Garden Inn in Clifton Park – The 90’s Prom from 7pm-11pm! You can actually drink at this one! Finger foods and a cash bar are available. DJ Prophet will be playing 90’s hits all night so feel free to dress around the decade.