One local channel is moving and will likely provide better reception in the area. Channel 6 (WRGB) announced they are moving from their current place on the dial, which is located at VHF channel 6 to UHF channel 35.

The way digital tv works is kinda confusing. The channels we watch over the air are usually on different channels than how they're branded. For example, WNYT Channel 13 is actually on VHF channel 12. They moved down a notch during the digital switchover back in 2009. Why? That's a question for a TV engineer.

What makes it easy though is your TV or digital converter box knows the difference when it scans for channels, so you likely won't have to make any changes after you rescan.

Channel 6 says viewers may experience interruptions during their transition since they will be operating at low power for a time. They do remind everyone that you can still watch Channel 6 programming on channel 45-3 in the between time. When the switchover is done they say you'll be able to receive their signal much better.

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They haven't said the exact date the new signal will be on, but will alert viewers and let them know when to rescan their channels.

Since the implementation of digital tv signals, there are more free channels than ever. Not only our major networks, but smaller more specialized channels scifi, true crime, 24 hour news, classic tv and more. Check out this TV Guide of sorts to find out what's on our local TV stations. Keep in mind, reception varies based on your location, type of antenna, etc.

You can see a list of Q&A's about the Channel 6 switch here.


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