Three NFL teams grace the gridiron in the state of New York, and all three find themselves in different positions heading into the 2021 NFL season.

The Buffalo Bills are the undisputed champion of the New York pro football scene (well, them and the Albany Empire). The Bills have been on a steady incline over the past half decade or so, and the growth of Josh Allen into a legitimate star QB has allowed that growth to multiply.

The New York Football Giants are second, and for good reason. They're the consummate middle sibling right now; unsure of themselves, trying desperately to get the attention given to the oldest, while trying equally as much not to sink to the level of the youngest. The Giants are still in search of a winning identity, and a formula to accomplish that has yet to be found, either.

The New York Jets are the new kids on the block. The J-E-T-S don't S-U-C-K as much as they used to, according to every source you read, hear or watch. Zach Wilson has the pedigree and temperament of a true starting QB in the league, and Robert Salah has shown he has the personality to motivate and instruct this young group.

So, with the above context provided, do you agree with how ESPN ranked the three New York NFL teams against their peers?

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Buffalo Bills: 3rd

Getty Images
Getty Images

Teams Above: Chiefs, Buccaneers

Teams Below: Packers, Rams

This ranking seems fair. The Bills have an insane amount of talent everywhere on their roster, but have yet to accomplish the same postseason feats as the teams ranked above them. This ranking could easily improve after a few weeks.

New York Giants: 24th

Getty Images
Getty Images

Teams Above: Bears, Falcons

Teams Below: Panthers, Broncos

My opinion on this has changed. Originally, my knee-jerk reaction was that the Giants were ranked a spot or two too low. I believed their trajectory was going in the right direction, while the Falcons' trajectory was not. After reading reports of clumsy practice play, however, I'm not so sure.

New York Jets: 30th

Getty Images
Getty Images

Teams Above: Jaguars, Bengals, Eagles

Teams Below: Lions, Texans, relegation to a lower league

This rating is the one that I believe will improve the fastest. Yes, based on past seasons' results, the Jets deserve to be ranked here. That said, there is little about the Jaguars or Eagles that makes me believe the Jets can't be better than them soon.

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