Jerseys. You know them, you love them.

You see the bright colors on your screen when you watch sports on television. You hear the broadcaster tell you about the team clad in the bright red tops with navy blue accenting and white pants as you enjoy a game on the radio.

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Sports teams' jerseys are always a fun topic of conversation, a conversation that is usually very polarizing. Within a team's fanbase, you'll get a group that love their team's gameday garb, and you'll get a group that can't stand them.

I've gone out on a ledge, and I've done something bold. I've taken the ten professional "big four" sports teams in the state of New York (yes, that includes the New Jersey Jets and New Jersey Giants), and I've ranked their jerseys from one to ten.

Where did your favorite team end up on the list? Do you agree with my rankings? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook.

Which New York Major Pro Sports Team Has the Best Jerseys? [RANKINGS]

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