DMX isn’t just one of the strangest dudes in rap history. He’s one of the strangest dudes ever. Period. The dog has had his ups and downs both professionally and personally, but it seems like he’s more comfortable in his own skin and truly enjoying life these days.

At the end of last year, the video of X singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer went viral and showed the fun, playful side of the bad boy. Since then he’s embarked on a nationwide tour and sparked more viral water-cooler talk when he went streaking in a Detroit hotel at the end of last month.

Now another video surfaced of DMX chumming around with a kid with mad acrobat skills. He gave a $5 dare to the youngster to do a flip over a parked, Red Bull car, and the kid didn’t disappoint. It’s kinda sad to see X digging in his pockets, scrambling to come up with a 5-spot, but hopefully he has more than that in his bank account.