If you haven't heard about the crazy show that went on at the Upstate Concert Hall (formerly known as Northern Lights) this past Friday featuring an OG from the  game, DMX, then you might want to keep reading!

For those of you youngins who don't know who DMX is (which I didnt think was possible) he was one of the front runners and reasons for the success of the Ruff Ryders empire from the mid 90's to early 2000's, but not without the help of Eve, The LOX, Swizz Beats, and Drag-On just to name a few.

DMX's most popular and commercial song was 'Party Up' (Yall gon make me lose my mind! Up in here up in here!). 5 albums (4 of which went platinum) and 5 major movies later, the rap veteran is back on the scene with a new mixtape out called 'The Weigh In' being featured on the 'Undisputed' tour which he kicked off right here in the 518!

Still carrying the incredible energy he had over 10 years ago, its certain D hasn't forgotten how to get a crowd HYPE! Performing songs like Ruff Ryders Anthem, We Right Here, What These B****es Want, Party Up, Get It On The Floor, Where The Hood At, How's It Goin Down (my fav!!!) and many many more classics.

As Dmx screamed out...

"Flesh of my flesh!"

the crowd yelled back...


"Blood of my blood!"

and when he said

"Where my dawgs at!"

we all got to growling...


We did this throughout the entire show (It was pretty entertaining), and D passed around a BIG bottle of Hennesy and told people to 'pass and sip'. As that bottle went around the room I couldn't believe people were really drinking out of it (HAHA!), by the time it got back to him it was empty!

"If this is any indication of what the rest of the tour is gunna be like, then ya'll got me way past excited!"

Leaving the stage DMX seemed very pleased with his first response back to the stage and I'm glad the 518 got to be the kick-starter of positive energy for hopefully another successful run in his career.

Did you get a chance to catch the show? Are you mad you missed it? Leave a comment and let us know!


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