It looks like DJ Khaled is suffering from dehydration. The rap mogul was hospitalized Saturday night (Nov. 16) for unknown reasons. The Miami DJ posted a photo of himself on Instagram laying on a hospital gurney with an IV in his arm.

There’s no word on what landed DJ Khaled in the hospital. We can only speculate that dehydration and stress as the root cause for his hospitalization.

However, DJ Khaled did leave a cautionary note to his fellow hustlers about maintaining good health. He writes:

I really didn't want take this pic but this a message to all the hustlers I know we got hustle hard! But we have to take care of our self! We can't let the hustle stress us. I told the [doctor] I have a family and team that rely on me that's why I hustle so hard! He told me the only friend u have is your self so take care of your self! Me I always Care so much for everyone but me smh.

We have to give thanks everyday no matter and stay prayed up I LOVE ALLAH!!!!! I just want spread a positive message hustles lets keep hustleing to feed our family's teams ect! But we have to take care of our self so we can take care of the ones we love! @wethebestmusic #blessup dr want me to stay the night I did not argue wit that I appreciate him and his team for making sure I'm good so I have respect the invitation to stay the night to be better and more focus ! Lets win more! #blessup."

DJ Khaled has been busy lately with promoting his new album, 'Suffering from Success.' He just released two videos from the collection -- one for the polarizing song, 'I Feel Like Pac / I Feel Like Biggie' and for his all-star track, 'Never Surrender.'

Get well, DJ Khaled.