Is the South really running this rap game? If you ask A$AP Rocky, it's really not that deep.

The Harlem rapper, who has clearly been influenced by southern hip-hop, was asked what he thought of Trinidad James' recent rant against NY rappers. "It's not really about who run what; everybody got its time," A$AP shares during an episode of MTV's 'RapFix Live.' "It's called culture."

As previously reported, during a show at Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn earlier this week, James touted that his region was supreme and said, "We run y'all musically."

Bun B, who made a guest appearance on MTV, was also diplomatic and said that hip-hop leaves and returns to different places all the time. "Hip-hop left New York in the late '70s, early '80s and went out to the world and I came back. I threw hip-hop out into the world in 1992 and he came back," the Texas native explains. "Once you give it to the world, when it comes back to you, you can't be mad at how it comes back to you because you sent it out there in the first place."

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