Comedian Capone invaded the Albany Funny Bone all weekend with a series of sold out shows. I had a chance to go check out the last show of the weekend and I'm glad I did.

 If you have never been to the Albany Funny Bone, you should definitely check it out some time. Its located in Crossgates Mall in Albany NY.  The setting is nice with an intimate feel. The Food Is good and the drinks are decent in price and quality. This was actually my second time there.  When I went the first time, it was to see Mark Viero and he was Hilarious. This time around Capone was in the building with an opener comedian named Burpee.
Burpee was someone who I had never heard of before. Im assuming he's a new comedian who is associated with the Team Capone brand. But he was great and handled the crowd very well. Capone delivered a great show. Funny from beginning to end. I expected nothing less. He's a veteran comedian who has a great resume. He talked a lot about men and women relationships and things we all can relate to. I particularly liked a message in his show that pertained to not being afraid of following your dreams. He concluded with the story of how he became a comedian and this statement which stuck with me. "We are all going to die one day. So learn how to live Life"-Comedian Capone

"Most businesses intend to enter a new market with a bang. When The Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant arrive in a city, however, the sound heard was uproarious laughter. Co-Founders Mitch Kutash and Gerald Kubach opened the first Funny Bone in Pittsburgh, PA after Gerald became enthralled with a comedy show. Years later, The Funny Bone has invaded over 25 markets and is still expanding today

The Funny Bone, has been bringing nationally-recognized humorists to these clubs for over 30 years. Such superstars as Jerry Seinfeld, Rosanne Barr, Tim Allen, Drew Carey, Jim Breuer, Kathleen Madigan, John Pinette, DL Hughley, Gabriel Iglesias, Josh Blue, Ellen Degeneres and Dave Chappelle have dazzled crowds with their comedic genius. The Funny Bone also continues providing the freshest up-and-coming comedians, as well as developing local talent.

The Funny Bone is a recognized pioneer in accommodating diverse community needs. From hosting numerous charitable functions, to being the gathering place for various corporate outings and meetings, to holding children's comedy and magic shows, The Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant has etched a permanent mark in comedic history."